Students are required to observe following directions point wise :  
01. To attend the classes regularly so that at least 75% attendance of lectures on the ROLL can be achieved. No students in ordinary situation will be promoted to the next level without having less than 75% of attendance.  
02. To be promoted for the next level, to pass in theTest Examinations is mandatory.  
03. Adopting any kind of unfair/irregular means during any examination is treated as serious misconduct and is punishable offence.  
04. Students are expected not to indulge in any misappropriate behaviour within the campus.  
05. Students are expected not to enter into acts that result in damage or destruction of college property.  
06. Notice Boards are to be scanned regularly for information on payment of fees, registration and dates of form- filling and examinations and for other information related to Campus activities.  
07. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the classrooms and corridors during the college hours.  
08. Fees will not be accepted except on the dates notified and must be cleared duly.  
09. Continuous absence from the college for one month without any valid explanation forwarded to the Principal/Prof.-in-Charge and the Department will also result in disciplinary measures.  
  10. Application for issuance of certificates, particulars and concessions, required from time to time by students, are to be submitted well in advance. It may not be possible to issue such documents on the same day. But there are provisions for TATKAKL issuance of a document .  
  11. All students must carry College Identity Card while in the campus.  
  12. Mutilation of Library books is punishable offence.  
  13. Ragging is a menace and punishable. It is strictly prohibited in the College premises.  
  14. The College Gates for the entry of students normally opens at 10. 00 A. M. students are required to enter the gate giving the ID with them. A student is supposed to leave the campus only after 02.30 P.M. Meanwhile, the gatekeeper may ask the reason for going out and only after his satisfaction a student or students may leave the college.  
  15. To keep the washing rooms usable after use is expected from the students and carelessness may amount to punishment.  
  16. To keep the campus noise free and clean is required most.  
  17. Misuse of Electricity is treated as punishable.