PBS College Banka is located in the district head quarter , near the old Mountain of Mandar. You can visualise the highly spread and beautiful searise mountain of mandar from the upper roof of PBS college Banka.This college was inaugurated by late Smt. Indra Gandi, the then President of Congress.
PBS College Banka is about fourty eight K.M. from University head Quarter of TMBU Bhagalpur. The very renound named “PAP-HARNI” quoted by the seventh monarch of Cholas,supposed to wash the holi feet of Goad LaxmiNarayan & Goad Narshingha,is in the feet of Mandar Parwat and the visitors of PBS College Banka can get a golden chance of holydeep year.
It has been discribed in the holi books of Hindues that with this Mandar Parbat, the process of ‘Samudra Manthan’ was complited in which fourteen Precious Ratnas including ‘Poison’ & ‘Lakshmi’ were found.This land of Mandar & Banka is famous for its ‘Bankpan’ . The grate martyr ‘Satish’ was the son of this land.This is the land which posses ‘Gurudham’ Maharshi Shyamacharan Lahri which is very recently to be visited by Hons’ble President of India.Hear the grate educationist Late Anand Shankar Madhwan complited his meditation of litrature for years & established a famous educational institutional named Mandar Vidyapith .
Banka has a unique socio-cultural stracture that is a mixture of Hindu, Trible& Islamic culture.Most of the population of this area,particularly the students are rural & economically backword but on the contrary this area is politically very conscious .Since the days of British rule, despite naturalhardships, the people of this region have been excelling in achivements in the fields of Science, Arts & Politicis needless to say that Banka has produced many IAS Officers such as Late T.P.singh, Smt. Krishna Singh, Smt. Radha singh & Pankaj Kumar etc...
The people of this area have grate sance of patriotins, participated activelly in the stragule of freedom & sacrificed theire lives on the altar of Mother India.
PBS College Banka established in 1959 the only constitutent unit of TMBU,a prestigious University of Bihar established on 12th-July-1960 having its campous in around 250 Acors of area. At present this Universitu runs under the dynamic leadership of a learned VC Prof.(Dr.) Ramashankar Dubey, who is dedicated to the development of this University as well as the development of PBS College Banka.the college is being run by the dedicated Principal in-Charge Dr. S.C. Singh. Banka is well communicated by railway and road both. Road distance from Jasidih, Deoghar to Banka is 65 KM. The VaidhnathDwadas Jayotirlinga Temple of Deoghar is only 65 KM from Banka & the Vikramsheela (Ancent University) is only 80 KM from Banka.


           Dr.Ranjan Kumar Singh

                Prof. in- charge

Hari Singh College Haveli-Kharagpur,Bihar.