Principal's Message



        It is a matter of great pleasure for me that my college is submitting its Self Study Report (SSR) prepared as per the norms of NAAC. This college has been continusaly imparting quality education from its day of establishment in 1959 to the students of this drought and flood affected backword area. Inspite of hardships, the students of this area have done well in the field of Science, Arts & Administration. Education links an individual and the society. Intelligence is inherent in maintal capicity of learning rembering, thinking, perceiving and understanding.The teacher, here are always, conscious in evaluting their teaching and its effect on students because they know very well that evelation is very important part of teaching process. Innovative teaching methods have been adopted here to develop sence of confidence of among students.I am also thrilled with joy to see our teachers engaged in active research and seminars but on the other hand I become very sad to have very few teachers. I appreciate & praise our teachers & Non-teaching staff for adhering to the high moral value.

      The Preparation of SSR Report has a long journey in the present time. For this I give of my sincere thanks to the steering committee members and particularly to Dr.R.K.Mishra, Co-ordinator cum Nodal Office of IQAC. Last but not list, I convey my thanks to all the teaching staff for their timely support.

At the end I say, Lat us then be up and doing,with a heart for any fate, still achieving still pursuing, learn to labour and to wait.

Principal of the College